Saturday, December 19, 2009

Raul Rousset Jr Discovered

Embarrassing re-acquaintanceship:

I'll admit my ignorance, so I can learn, but it doesn't mean I won't be embarrassed inside.

That's what happened when Raul Rousset, Jr. found me on FaceBook. He remembered me from the SFS and another unconnected place, but I couldn't recall him. The mental blankness was so strong that I wondered if he was just crawling through my profiles and coming up with plausible stories. In other words, I wondered if he was trying to fool me.

He called himself a Dungeons and Dragons player, so I can understand not knowing him from there because I didn't play. The second contact story was much more interactive.

He said he struck up a conversation with me as I stood outside my electronic game room job as attendant for Rubus Gameroom on north State Street, off Rush Street. He said I told him that I was going to leave the job soon because I was joining the Navy. He even applied for and got my position, while using me as a reference during interviewing.

The one undeniable fact I had was that when I started the SFS website, his name was on one of the membership lists that I copied to the first webpage there. It was historic, primary source documentation, so I felt I had to believe him, even though I still can't find a single memory about him, inside my cabeza.

Now, I'm glad that we parted on good terms and I have the chance to get to know him again.

I wonder if you remember him and if you can share memories about him.